Is It Really Possible To Start An Online Home Business With Limited Computer Skills?

It is clear that if you are going to succeed with limited skills in the online home business world then you are going to have to do your homework. You will come up against numerous hurdles along the way, but all of which can be overcome with a little hard work and perseverance.

Firstly, there is the terminology. Research starting an online home business by reading blogs and content sites, these will often contain words and abbreviations you may not understand. You will need to research these to define them and understand what they mean. It may be a good idea to keep a word page or note book with definitions of these terms at first as having to keep going back and forth to find out what they are every time you forget can be time consuming.

Once you have understood what you need to do and have a business plan in place you will need to find a way to put your plan into action.

Putting together a website, SEO, social marketing etc, for whatever online home business you have chosen can be a minefield for beginners. What are domain names? What is web hosting? Do I need a content management site? How do I install applications? How do I actually use content management sites? What about e mail, and auto responders? What is SEO? What are backlinks?

It can be all too easy to give up when frustration kicks in because the computer will just not do what you want it to or you go two steps forward and four back. There are however, solutions to your problems so be patient and don’t give up. Some ways you can get help are to use forums to ask questions of people with more experience, web hosts and content management sites often have excellent FAQ pages and e mail support.

Whatever you decide for your online home business whether it be affiliate marketing or selling e books or DVD resell rights if you have no experience you will have to spend time learning. Alternatively you could outsource all your requirements but this could be costly.

It may also help to keep a book for notes and ideas about your business, choose an idea and stick with it, don’t be tempted to switch to new projects until you have fully explored, tested and refined the one you are working on.

So in answer to the original question of can someone with limited computer skills start an online business? The answer is of course yes, if you are prepared to spend time and learn with patience and determination then you could have your own online home business. Part of the fun is in seeing it take shape as you little by little put together your very own online business and you will have the added satisfaction that you did it yourself (unless of course you employ someone to do it for you).